Outage and Emergency Contact Numbers Over the Weekend

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the Call Center run by the City of Longmont is now closed. The city has resumed normal business hours. If you have a life threatening emergency, dial 9-1-1. Otherwise, you can contact our non-emergency numbers for specific service requests.

  • Non-emergency dial 303-651-8501
  • Longmont Power & Communications Power Outage 303-776-0011

You can find resources related to City services and functions on our Additional Resources page or Contact Info page. You may also visit the City of Longmont website to contact other areas directly.

Residents can also visit the Disaster Assistance Center located in the Twin Peaks Mall (former Steve and Barry's space) at 1250 South Hover. It is open 9 am - 7pm seven days a week until the need subsides.


State of the City Address Re-broadcast on Channel 8

The City of Longmont's  State of the City Address will be re-broadcast on the Comcast Cable Channel 8 at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., everyday through September 24th.


Video Posted from Monday September 16 Longmont State of the City Address

Longmont city leaders described the devastation caused by the 2013 flood and updated residents on current conditions.

The City of Longmont held a “State of the City” meeting Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 7pm (MST).

The meeting provided information regarding the flood as well as updates regarding progress in recovery, and community resources for recovery and restoration. City staff representatives scheduled included:

  • Dennis Coombs, Mayor of Longmont: Introduction and event overview
  • Harold Dominguez, Longmont City Manager: Overview of impacted areas
  • Dan Eamon, Emergency Operations Manager: Recovery Activities and resources for restoration
  • Dale Rademacher, Director of Public Works and Natural Resources

[iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/aEP9MZ_KCnk?list=UUH5_wkpLrKYb1JuUk6-UdNg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]


Longmont Flood Information Update 19:37 9/16/13

  • We have delivered roll-off dumpsters into the affected neighborhoods.  As the roll-offs are filled, they will be removed and replaced with an empty unit.  Jersey barriers have been installed at the closed bridges.
  • LPC has returned power to approximately 500 homes in Longmont and are working to restore power to the main feeder for Lyons.  Once the feeder is re-energized, then they can begin restoring power to the customers.
  • Weld County has opened a Recovery Assessment Center in south west Weld County.  This team will be located in the Human Services Offices, 4209 CR 24 1/2 , Del Camino.  They will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow until further notice.  Services include DHS, health, veterans, utilities, United Way, Red Cross and more.
  • Spirits seem high and many of the families were working together to help their neighbors with a variety of chores.
  • Several of our officers were extremely fortunate to have been stationed at Columbia Dr. and Mtn View Ave.  Through the generosity of a family, whose home was located in an effected area, they provided the officers with tables and a large standing umbrella to aid in their efforts.
  • Governor John Hickenlooper, U.S. Representative Cory Gardner, State Senator Matt Jones, State Representative Jonathan Singer and Boulder County Commissioner Deb Gardner paid a visit to Longmont and continued to offer their support.  Governor Hickenlooper even took a call in the call center.
  • We will be closing the call center tonight at 8:00 p.m.  We will re-open at 7:00 a.m.  If you have a power related outage, please call Longmont Power and Communications at (303) 776-0011.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Flood Updates 16:11

Avoid contact with potentially contaminated flood waters Many contaminants such as raw sewage, as well as potential releases of chemicals from homes, businesses and industry, may be contained in floodwaters. The department encourages people to stay out of the water as much as possible. If people must be in contact with floodwaters, they should wash frequently with warm water and soap.  The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission reports many oil and gas locations have been affected by the flood. The department is working with the commission, local authorities and operators to assess risks and, where necessary, provide environmental response and remediation.

Safe drinking water/”boil advisories”
The state's safe drinking water regulations ensure drinking water systems must meet standards to provide safe drinking water to their customers. "Boil water advisories" remain in place for the following community water systems: Firestone, Frederick, Left Hand Water District, Lyons and Mountain Meadow (Allenspark).
Widespread outbreaks of infectious disease after floods are not common in the United States. However, people with three or more days of diarrhea, any bloody diarrhea, diarrhea plus a fever, or other health concerns, should contact their health care provider. Although no specific vaccinations are recommended for flood events, the department recommends people keep their vaccinations up to date. By staying up to date with vaccinations, everyone is better prepared for emergencies.  People should follow routine recommendations for tetanus. A tetanus-diphtheria (Td) booster is recommended for all adults every 10 years. A tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) booster should replace one regular Td dose to provide pertussis protection. Children should have completed their recommended diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP) doses of four shots between 2 months and 18 months of age, and booster shots at 4 to 6 years of age and 11 to 12 years of age. Any adult who has not had the primary series of Td doses should complete the series.

Video of Longmont, Lyons, Button Rock Dam Area Aerial Footage 9-16-13

15:28pm - Longmont, Lyons, Button Rock Dam Area Aerial Footage 9-16-13

At approximately 1130 a.m., we conducted a fly over around the area. We checked Button Rock Dam, it looks great and the spillway is functioning as designed.

In order to assess the flood damage in the Longmont community, City officials shot aerial video on Monday, September 16, 2013. This might be the first time some people see the damage to their homes or to the homes of their neighbors. City officials believe it is important for the community to see these images. See for yourself the issues facing our community. We can use your help and cooperation to get through this emergency. Thank you.

[iframe width="480" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/u_NhgbYQ2SU?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]


Centro de Asistencia de Desastres se abre a las 10 AM en el Twin Peaks Mall

Contamos con computadoras en la Biblioteca Pública para asistir con el llenado de Aplicaciones de Desastre

La ciudad de Longmont abrirá un Centro de Asistencia para Desastres (DAC) el lunes 16 de septiembre a las 10 a.m. (MST). El centro estará ubicado en el Twin Peaks Mall, 1250 S. Hover Road, en e la Antigua tienda Steve and Barry.

El Centro de Asistencia para Desastres (CAD) permitirá a los propietarios de la comunidad a encontrarse cara a cara con los proveedores de servicios y entender cómo pueden recibir ayuda para iniciar el proceso de recuperación y para tener acceso a las computadoras para llenar las solicitudes de asistencia por desastre. Para la apertura inciial, representantes de la compañٕías de seguros estarán disponibles para ayudar a sostener los daños a la propiedad. Los representantes de las agencias estatales y de FEMA no estarán presentes en la jornada inaugural, pero se unirán en el centro en los próximos días.

Se pide a los residentes y dueños de propiedades que necesitan asistencia por desastre a completar su solicitud para la asistencia, a través del sitio de internet www.disasterassistance.gov Para ayudar en este proceso, computadoras estarán disponibles en la Twin Peaks Mall DAC. Dieciocho computadoras adicionales se encuentran en la Biblioteca Pública de Longmont (ubicada en la 409 4th Avenue con una entrada en Kimbark St.) usando un sistema de reserva en persona. En cada lugar, el personal estará disponible para proporcionar ayuda y contestar preguntas sobre cómo completar los formularios.

Los ciudadanos que necesiten asistencia deberían notar lo siguiente :

  • Póngase en contacto con su propia compañía de seguros antes de completar la solicitud de asistencia.
  • Crear una contraseña para el uso del formulario y mantener esta contraseña para futuras consultas. La aplicación tomará entre 18 a 20 minutos.
  • Traiga la siguiente información para completar la aplicación: Su información de contacto, donde usted puede actualmente contactarse (puede ser diferente de la dirección donde sufrió el daño), dirección de donde se produjeron los daños, información acerca de su pólizas de seguros, su número de seguro social y su ingreso buto al momento de la inundación.

Si vive en un refugio, se les pide a los residentes que marquen la casilla “acogida masiva” que aparece en el formulario. Si solicita múltiples desastres, los residentes necesitarán completar su aplicación en el sitio de internet por cada propiedad que fue dañada. Si aplica asistencia para ambos su casa y su negocio, los residentes deben completar una sóla aplicación para las pérdidas combinadas.

Mangenga copias de su número federal de identificación y su número de reclamo al finalizar este proceso en el sitio de internet.

Para los miembros de la comunidad que sufrieron daño en su propiedad pueden también aplicar por
teléfono para asistencia a FEMA o llamar al 1-800-621-3362 (FEMA).


Listen to State Of The City Meeting On KRCN AM Radio

The City of Longmont will hold a “State of the City” meeting Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 7pm (MST). The meeting will be held in Council Chambers at the Longmont Civic Center, 350 Kimbark St, Longmont, CO.

The meeting is designed to provide information regarding the flood. This meeting will also provide updates regarding progress in recovery, and community resources for recovery and restoration. City staff representatives scheduled includes:

  • Dennis Coombs, Mayor of Longmont: Introduction and event overview
  • Harold Dominguez, Longmont City Manager: Overview of impacted areas
  • Dan Eamon, Emergency Operations Manager: Recovery Activities and resources for restoration
  • Dale Rademacher, Director of Public Works and Natural Resources

Residents can attend this meeting in person. However, those in the city limits can view the meeting live on Longmont Comcast Cable Channel 8 or on a live feed at www.longmontchannel.com. The broadcast will be posted later in the day on Channel 8’s website and will be rebroadcasted periodically. KRCN (1060 am) will also simulcast the 7pm meeting.


Longmont Flood Information Update - 23:00 - 9/15/13

  • There will be a State of the City address tomorrow evening at Council Chambers at the Longmont Civic Center at 350 Kimbark Ave. It will begin at 7pm and will be broadbast live on Longmont's Channel 8. Viewers will also be able to view re-broadcasts on Channel 8 and online. More details on this broadcast will follow.

  • As of 10:00 pm, we have enacted a curfew until 6:00 am tomorrow morning for evacuated areas and flood zones. We will have officers patrolling these neighborhoods and the Colorado National Guard monitoring these areas and any road closures.  A full map of evacuation areas can be found at www.longmontoem.org.

  • The City of Longmont will be open for business on regular hours on Monday, 9/16, with the exception of the Memorial Building which will remain closed to business. The Rec Center will be open at 5am and the Centennial pool at 5:30 am.

  • The City of Longmont Wastewater Treatment Plant became operational at 4pm.

  • Testing of drinking water continues to show that it is safe for consumption. There is no boil order in place for City of Longmont water customers.

  • The City of Longmont is requesting that donations go to central sources and has updated information for individuals interested in helping those affected by the flooding. Item donations: www.helpcoloradonow.com Financial donations: www.longmontfoundation.org

  • Roads open to enter and exit Longmont include use of Rte. 66 to I-25, route 287, and the Diagonal clear to Boulder. Hwy 119 remains closed at I-25 (see photo). A full map is available on www.longmontoem.org.

Flood Closure Information and update from 11:23am

We are encouraging all residents of Longmont to stay home and avoid any unnecessary travel.  The National Guard will be assisting the Town of Lyons with evacuations to the Life Bridge Church on Highway 66.  The Life Bridge Church is located near Highway 66 and Gay St.  Please limit any use of Highway 66 to emergencies.

There is no north and south travel in Longmont.  The St. Vrain river has split the city and all north/south bridges are closed at the river.

Residents who work in public safety or are essential personnel in other cities and counties may leave or access the City of Longmont via Highway 66, east to I-25 or Highway 287 south to Highway 7 (Lafayette), east to I-25.   There is no travel to the west.  Boulder bound Highway 119 is closed between Hover Rd and Airport Road.  Longmont bound from Boulder on Highway 119 to south Longmont is open, but we are anticipating a closure.     

We are continuing to manage flood and other issues through our EOC.  We are receiving weather reports that rain is expected to subside today, but likely to increase on Saturday and Sunday.

I have attached an updated map from Longmont Power and Communications (LPC).  This map highlights the area with current power outages.  LPC is evaluating these outages and the safety of re-energizing the power to these area.  At this point, we have approximately 1300 homes without power.

Our drinking water supply is still safe.  We currently do not have any restrictions on use of drinking water and/or waste water.

The following evacuation centers have been established in Longmont.  For residents to the north, use the Memorial Building (Longs Peak Ave and Coffman St.)  This shelter is near capacity, but we will not turn you away.  Residents to the south, use Niwot High School (8989 E. Niwot Rd.).  Niwot High School still has capacity for residents.  Animals may be taken to the Longmont Humane Society.  Unfortunately, this will only be available to our residents on the south side of the city.  We are working on establishing north location.

Our call center is still in operation and can be reached at:  (303) 651-8595.  Please call the call center if you are trying to locate a family member.  We will have an up to date list for all evacuees at our evacuation centers.  Please do not call 911 unless you have an emergency.

As a final note:  We are very thankful for all the assistance we have received from the media, our city staff, the Greeley Police Department, the St. Vrain Valley Schools, the National Guard, and many others.  We have received a lot of food donations for Longmont staff, evacuation centers, etc.  We are very grateful for their support and generosity.

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