Roll Off Dumpsters Now at Royal Mobile Home Park

2:31 p.m.  Update-- Roll off dumpsters are now at Royal Mobile Home Park

Debris from the flood will be removed by City of Longmont, providing residents follow the instructions below:

Roll-offs will be placed in the following six areas (see map):

  • Area 1 – Valley and Golden Ponds Neighborhood
  • Area 2 – Champion Greens and the Greens
  • Area 3 – St Vrain Mobile Home Park
  • Area 4 – Missouri Avenue
  • Area 5 – Delaware Street between Main and South Pratt
  • Area 6 – Royal Mobile Home Park (when evacuation notice is lifted and area again accessible)

If you live in one of the six affected flood zones, please place the debris in the roll-offs provided. If a roll-off has yet to be placed in your neighborhood, please place the debris in your yard just above the curb. Please do not place items in the street.

Yard waste, garbage and construction will be accepted in roll-off containers.

Please direct all pumped water and mud from inside homes into the street.

Items that will NOT be accepted in roll-off or trash carts in flood areas are paints, chemicals, electronics, and large appliances. The city will route through designated areas and pick up these items at a later date.

All normal curbside trash collection and recycle schedules will be maintained except in areas where the road is impassible.

Public Works is monitoring the roll-offs and managing exchanges.

If you are not included in a flood area and you believe you are in need of service, please direct any additional questions regarding normal trash collection and roll-offs to (303)651-8416.

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