Power Outage Updates 10:45AM - 9/14/13

As of this morning, the Southmoor Park neighborhood has had power restored, as well as the area around 105 S. Sunset.  We have crews dispatched to Lyons to assess accessibility/safety of the area, and are also working with the waste water treatment plant to get it operational again.

General notes about power outages:

  • Longmont Power & Communications is working around-the-clock to return power to all outage areas. As we gain access to areas, we inspect the electrical equipment to make sure everything is safe. When we verify that it is, we begin working immediately to restore power. However, we have not been able to access some areas yet due to high water and unsafe conditions.
  • In some cases, the area and equipment around your house may look safe or undamaged, but there could be equipment in need of repair further away that we need to fix prior to being able to restore power to your property. When this is the case, it may be a few days before service can be completely restored.
  • If at any point, your service becomes unsafe, we will turn power off.


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