Longmont Flood Information Update 19:00 9/17

We still have our curfew in place for any closed areas from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  Our call center will be closing tonight at 7:00 p.m.   We are asking our community to call the necessary city department for future requests.   These numbers are listed below.

  • Longmont Power and Communications (LPC) (303) 776-0011
  • Public Works and Natural Resources (PWNR) (303) 651-8416
  • Longmont Utility Billing (303) 651-8664
  • Longmont Building Inspections (303) 651-8332
  • Longmont Code Enforcement (303) 651-8695
  • Longmont Community Neighborhood Resources (303) 651-8444
  • Longmont Fire Services general information (303) 651-8437
  • Longmont Police Services general information (303) 651-8555
  • Police and Fire Emergencies – 911


Our OEM website will continue to be updated on a regular basis.  This site also contains volumes of information, videos and frequently asked questions.  This is a great resource if you have any questions.

Because high water tables, flooding, standing water and shifting mobile homes has affected sewer service in some of the areas, we are delivering portable toilets to some of these neighborhoods.  These areas are not yet permanently occupied, but homeowners have been granted access during the day to begin restoration and/or collection of property from their homes.

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