Longmont Flood Information Update 18:00 9/17

The Colorado Division of Water Resources and Boulder County are draining Gaynor Lake to repair erosion around the outlet. They are releasing / pumping approximately three (3) cubic feet of water per second into Dry Creek. This is a Level 1 hazard (low risk). If a failure were to occur it would likely lead to sheet flooding and not pose significant risk. Gaynor Lake drains to the north into Dry Creek. Dry Creek flows north to the southern border of Longmont. Dry Creek crosses Highway 287 and continues to flow northeast around the southern edge of Longmont into the St. Vrain River. Residents south of Plateau Rd near Highway 287, may see a slight increase in water flow through Dry Creek. This is a controlled release.

In other news:

Airport Rd is now open between 17th Ave to the Diagonal Highway.

Pike Rd is open between Highway 287 and Hover Rd.

9th Ave is still closed for repairs near Fordham St. and Wade Rd.



Photo of some compassionate residents who helped set up a comfortable check point for officers working in their neighborhood.

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