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Longmont Emergency Mass Notification System

You must sign up by visiting http://ci.longmont.co.us/police/massnotification.htm and  clicking on the red button at the left and following the instructions. If you need alerts at more than one location, you will need to fill out separate registration forms for each address.

Who should sign up? Anyone living within the City of Longmont limits who no longer have a landline in their home (a landline, main line or fixed-line is a telephone line which travels through a metal wire or optical fibre and does not require power for it to work). If you own additional communication devices i.e. cell phones, VoIP(voice over Internet protocol), email, etc. you will want to sign up for this service as it provides a number of additional ways in which emergency information can be disseminated quickly. If your service provider is Cricket, you can register but can not receive text messages.

This is available in other Boulder County cities/towns/unincorporated areas by going to your local municipal/town/county website and checking for the link on their website. If you can not find it on their website, contact your local government office.

Who does not need to sign up? If the only form of communication you have is a landline phone, and you don't want to receive messages on any other device, you do not need to sign up for this service as you are already attached to an emergency notification system through the City of Longmont and/or Boulder County 911 services.

When will the emergency notification system be used? The system will be used to notify residents about imminent threats to health and safety such as the need to evacuate due to a wildfire, hazardous spills or other emergencies. It may also be used in situations where a child or adult is missing who is in need of medical attention. The alert will originate from [email protected].

Is there a fee to use the service? No. The service is free to residents of Boulder County. Those who sign up to be notified via text messages and email will be responsible for any data charges or fees associated with receiving email or text messages charged by their cell phone service provider.

What if my phone number or email address changes? If your cell phone, work phone or email address changes, you are responsible for accessing this website, logging back into your account that you created and updating the information.

Will I get emergency notifications if I do not sign up? If you do not sign up, you will receive emergency notification on your traditional landline home phone. See above.

Why are emergency service providers switching to this service? This service allows public agencies to make notifications in multiple ways to increase the likelihood that residents and businesses are notified of emergencies. It also helps us serve the growing number of people who are using cell phones as their primary telephone.

Will my contact information be shared with others? No. The information that you provide will be used for emergency notification purposes only. It will not be provided to any vendor or organization or be used for any other purpose.

Will I be guaranteed to receive the notification? We can not monitor the current or future accuracy of the information provided by participants in this program. It is the sole responsibility of participants to keep any information provided current and accurate. We do not assume legal responsibility for inaccurate information or technical difficulties that may result in notification failures.

Do I need to enter an actual address? Yes. The system is based on geographical boundaries and will not accept post office box addresses.

If I have a "blocked" phone will this impact receiving emergency messages? Yes, you will not receive the notification call with a blocked telephone line.

If I am in a location that is different than the address that I enter into the website for my wireless phone, will I still be contacted if an emergency affects the address entered? Yes. No matter where you are physically located, you will receive calls for emergencies that affect the address entered into the website. So if you are on vacation in a different state you will still receive a phone call if the address you entered is affected by an emergency.

If you have further questions, please call (303)651-8566. If no one immediately answers this phone line, please leave a message and someone will return your call.

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