Flood Information as of 19:31

We have some updated evacuations.  We know an increase of water is coming down the canyon through Lyons to Longmont and will continue to move, possibly increasing over the next four to five hours.  As a precaution, we are ordering an evacuation of the Historic west side neighborhood.  The bounder of this evacuation includes S. Hover St. to the west, Ken Pratt Blvd. to the south, 2nd Ave (Spruce Ave) to the north and Main St. to the east.  I’ve attached a map as for reference.

We have also evacuated business park at Harvest Junction on the north side of Ken Pratt Blvd.  This location is directly east of Main St., between Main St and Martin St.

We are issuing a flood advisory to areas south of Ken Pratt Blvd.  

Evacuation zone maps are available at the website.  http://longmontoem.org/maps/

Please note:  Hover Rd., Ken Pratt Blvd, S. Pratt Pkwy, Main St and S. Martin St. are still open for travel.

Our evacuation centers (Life Bridge Church, Memorial Building and Niwot High School).

Our website continues to contain the most up to date information.  http://longmontoem.org/ You can also visit our main social media sites at Facebook and Twitter

In closing, please remember as we move into our overnight, we will be enacting a Curfew from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  This curfew applies to all evacuated areas and flood zones.  We will have officers patrolling these neighborhoods and the Colorado National Guard monitoring these areas and any road closures.   

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