Flood Closure Information and Update from 12:12pm

We have completed a fly over of the city from County Line Road to Lyons. The St. Vrain river has breached its banks in numerous points. Ponds have over flowed or levy’s failed. Much of the St. Vrain river has routed to the north of the river and is currently flowing into neighborhoods near Mt. View Ave and Airport. From there much of the water appears to be following the rail line from Lyons into Longmont. The St. Vrain river corridor from Hover Rd. to Main St. still has a significant volume of water flowing on the streets and through our businesses and residences near the area.

Due to the significant number of visits to our website, we have opened an additional website. We are updating these sites frequently. Our websites are: Http://longmontoem.org (preferred) and www.ci.longmont.co.us

We are currently evaluating our earlier evacuations. There are still locations within the city where residents will not be allowed to return. We will notify specific neighborhoods when we are ready for you to return. These locations will be listed at our website. If your neighborhood is not within one of those locations, you cannot go home. We are reminding our residents, we are cautiously lifting these restrictions and you will be subject to re-evacuation should the weather change. If water should begin to rise in your area we would encourage you to leave as soon as possible.

We are warning residents that there may be electrical hazards in the home. If you have an electrical outage please call the LPC call center at (303) 776-0011. If you smell natural gas, please leave your home and notify Excel at (800) 895-2999. For other questions, please call our call center at (303) 651-8595.

At this time, we are allowing the residents of the Willow Creek and Renaissance neighborhoods to return home with the above noted restrictions. These neighborhoods are bordered by Airport Rd. to the west, Nelson Rd to the north, Quail Rd. to the south and Grandview Meadows Dr. to the east.

We still have a significant amount of people traveling around Longmont. As a reminder, the traffic volume on these streets may interfere with our ability to move around the city. Please stay off the streets, away from bridges and out of evacuated neighborhoods.

Ken Pratt Blvd is open between County Road 1 through Longmont for east and west bound traffic.

Again, please stay off the roadways. Highway 66 is critical to on-going rescue and evacuation efforts in Lyons. We need to do our part to support those efforts.

The City of Longmont water is still safe to drink. Our Evacuation Centers at the Memorial Building and Niwot High School are still open.


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