Emergency Gas Pipeline Replacement Underway

Xcel / PSCo must immediately cut out and replace a section of 4" High Pressure Gas Transmission Pipeline that previously was suspended over Left Hand Creek northeast of the intersection of CO - 119 and S. Martin St. along the Saint Vrain Greenbelt. The "A-Frame" supports that held the pipe in suspension were damaged and washed out during the flood and they must re-establish these supports and replace that section of the pipe that now lies in the creek bottom. This is an emergency situation as Xcel has to shut off the gas in this line as a safety precaution. Customers in the area are in jeopardy of losing service. Call
1-800-895-1999 for more information.


Water meter change out to begin Thursday 9/26

The City of Longmont will be changing out water meters in affected flooded areas beginning Thursday, September 26, 2013. The Public Works & Natural Resources Department’s Utility Technicians will be going door to door to replace water meters that have been damaged by flooded basements. The City expects a significant failure rate due to the connections being under water.

All Utility Technicians will have a City of Longmont badge and will be driving a City vehicle. There is no charge for this replacement. If you have any questions, want to verify a Technician is with the City, your meter cannot be changed out, or you have not been contacted by our technicians and need to set up and appointment, please call 303-651-8468.



Outage and Emergency Contact Numbers Over the Weekend

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the Call Center run by the City of Longmont is now closed. The city has resumed normal business hours. If you have a life threatening emergency, dial 9-1-1. Otherwise, you can contact our non-emergency numbers for specific service requests.

  • Non-emergency dial 303-651-8501
  • Longmont Power & Communications Power Outage 303-776-0011

You can find resources related to City services and functions on our Additional Resources page or Contact Info page. You may also visit the City of Longmont website to contact other areas directly.

Residents can also visit the Disaster Assistance Center located in the Twin Peaks Mall (former Steve and Barry's space) at 1250 South Hover. It is open 9 am - 7pm seven days a week until the need subsides.


State of the City Address Re-broadcast on Channel 8

The City of Longmont's  State of the City Address will be re-broadcast on the Comcast Cable Channel 8 at 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., everyday through September 24th.


State of Lyons, Colorado Public information Meeting - 09-19-2013


Video of the  “State of Lyons" public information meeting which was held Thursday, September 19th in the Longmont City Council Chambers at 350 Kimbark Street.

Mayor Van Domelen, Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen and Boulder County Sheriff's Deputies Kevin Parker and Nick Goldberger will gave a briefing on the status of Lyons following the flood.

[iframe width="480" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/GShO_TY44r8?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]


Emergency Drying Procedures for Water Damaged Photos

This article from the Library of Congress suggests various ways to dry paper items and photographs.





Thank you to Second Lieutenant Mike Giles and Task Force Longmont!

Second Lieutenant Mike Giles Colorado Air National Guard, 233rd Space Group.  Lt. Giles has been running EOC operations for the Colorado National Guard in Longmont.  He's been here since Friday, September 13th and is living out of a conference room at the Safety and Justice Center. 

Second Lieutenant Mike Giles

Second Lieutenant Mike Giles




Longmont successfully reduces water usage

We wanted to give a big thanks to our residential and business water customers.  Longmont’s Water treatment plant is fed by redundant water sources.  Because of the flood, the St. Vrain river source was damaged and will need repair.  We have increased our Carter Lake intake and asked our community to voluntarily conserve water by turning off their sprinklers.   We are happy to report Longmont has reduced water usage by 2 million gallons a day.   


Longmont Flood Update 18:17

Please stay off of these greenways. The flooding has undercut many of the locations and they are subject to collapse. Parks_closures2_091813_200PM 

Neighborhood Updates:

Greens and Champion Greens

• We have two contractors and city crews clearing and removing debris. Contractors are utilizing loaders, skid steers, grapple trucks and a fleet of dump trucks. We also have the city grapple truck and one ton trucks in the area to support efforts. We estimate that we will be in the area through Friday at a minimum. At that point we should be able to strategically place additional roll-offs for those who may have additional debris.
• City crews are also collecting paints, chemicals, waste and appliances for appropriate disposal.

Valley Subdivision

• Roll-offs are deployed in the Valley Subdivision and bins are filling up quickly. Placement of additional bins and exchanges will occur tomorrow and we will deploy an additional two grapple truck (contractors) in the Valley Subdivision to expedite clean up.
• Additional contractors will begin tomorrow with loaders and dump trucks.

Golden Ponds Subdivision

• Looks good, the roll-off deployment worked well. We still have two roll-offs in place for residual cleanup.

St. Vrain Mobile Home Park

• We have provided a steady stream of roll-offs and residents are filling them. We deployed our packer truck yesterday to pick up additional materials. The roll-off strategy appears to work well here and we will continue to exchange roll offs until complete.

First Ave at Bowen

• Roll-off delivery and deployment working well. As of today, the container is not full

Missouri Ave

• Two roll-offs still along Missouri and as of today, they are not full. There is some debris on a couple properties, so we will continue to deploy roll-offs and exchange in those locations.

Delaware Street

• Several roll-offs have been delivered and exchanged and as of today there are two roll-offs on site.

2200 block Creekside neighborhood at Caleta Trail

• One roll-off has been delivered and filled, another will be delivered and continued exchanges will occur as needed.

Lefthand Drive at East of Bowen

• Two containers on the ground and will exchange as needed.

Springs Place

• Roll-offs delivered and exchanged and will be continued until complete.
• We will deploy our packer and loader to clean up at the end of the cul-de-sac.

Royal Mobile Home Park

• Delivered six (6) roll-offs with the expectation to deliver up to 12 at a time. Exchanges as needed.

Various calls from residents with flood debris

• We had about six calls from residents in the north east section of the city and are scheduled for collection tomorrow.

Regular Trash and recycle collection is completed on schedule


ArtWalk Longmont would like to convey our deepest concern to those affected by this catastrophic storm and to let our community know that our thoughts and prayers go out to all families, towns and neighborhoods that still have much to face in the months ahead.

ArtWalk is still scheduled to happen the evening of Friday, Sept 20 from 6 – 9 p.m. It’s always been Artwalk’s intention to be a downtown event that is a community driven art festival that is shared together. To raise money for those in need in our community, our downtown merchants/participants will have donation information in their locations and Artwalk is happy to include a station hosted by Longmont Community Foundation near the NE corner of 4th Ave (near Ziggis). This is a difficult time, but one thing is clear; we live in a great community with great people!
While the Downtown Longmont community is deeply saddened by the loss and destruction that many in our community are facing, we are overwhelmed by those calling to assist, help, volunteer and give. This weekend, there will be several ways for the community to gather, celebrate Longmont’s strength and donate to those in need in our community. In partnership with the Longmont Community Foundation, donations can be made to the St. Vrain Flooding Relief Fund. 100% of the proceeds will go directly toward helping the community recover from the devastation of the recent flooding.

There will be several opportunities to give financial donations to our community members in need. During Oktoberfest at Roosevelt Park on Friday and Saturday, September 20 – 21st, donations can be made to the Left Hand Brewing Foundation for Flood Relief 2013. On Sunday, Fireball Run kicks off in downtown Longmont. Teams will be assisting in raising money for the flood relief in our community. Come help us send off the 40 teams at 8 a.m. on the corner of 5th and Main - participate in the Tiny Tim fun run or just come cheer on the participants.

For all the details, visit www.downtownlongmont.com


Mosquito Spraying Discontinued

The City of Longmont, in consultation with the Boulder County Public Health, is discontinuing Mosquito Spraying for the remainder of the year.

Trapping has shown a reduction in the mosquito population. In addition, most eggs have likely been washed to the east via flood waters and future cold weather will impact their reproduction and viability.

UPDATE: However, residents should continue to practice the 4 D's  to protect themselves from the risk of West Nile Virus.

Below is a picture of the life cycle from Purdue University.

Colorado Mosquito Control has an informative link for mosquitoes in our area.


Mosquito Lifecycle

Life Cycle of Delayed-hatching Mosquitoes



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