District Attorney Stan Garnett is advising Boulder County residents to exercise caution in the wake of the flooding disaster this week. Local officials have been told by FEMA that in similar circumstances elsewhere, scammers posing as FEMA agents have visited residents whose properties have been damaged, and offered to assess their properties – for a fee. Agents of FEMA will not ask for a fee for the assessment process.

Stan Garnett advises; “Official identification is carried by all FEMA representatives. Always check ID before you let anyone into your home. To date we have not received any reports of similar scams operating in this area, but we advise Boulder County residents to be vigilant in their dealings with clean-up companies, contractors, builders and other agencies.”

Residents who want to check out a business can contact the Community Protection Division of the District Attorney’s Office, at 303 441 3700, and are also advised to follow the tips below:

• Do not contract with workmen who come door to door claiming that they have been hired by a neighbor. Check out their trucks/cars for local addresses, phone numbers. Note the license plate numbers.
• Get more than one estimate (in writing on company letterhead/forms) for repairs or service.
• Check out any company with whom you think you want to do business with the Secretary of State, the Better Business Bureau, and the District Attorney’s Office.
• Check to see if the contractor is licensed via Boulder County Land Use website (303-441-3930). Boulder County has stringent building regulations and a license will ensure that your builder is familiar with those regulations.
• Don’t pay the full price for contract work until the service is completed and you’re satisfied with the work.
• Better yet, use a contractor that is locally established and recommended by friends or family.

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