Longmont is closing the Emergency Operations Center

Longmont is closing the Emergency Operations Center at this time.

There remains one section of town without power. The City of Longmont is estimating that this area will have power restored  by 3pm this afternoon. The outage area is bordered as follows: Quebec on the North, Pecan Street on the South; Main Street on the West;  Maple Street/Walnut Street on the East. We are estimating at about 430 customers are affected by this outage.

If you need additional information about the fire which is outside of the Longmont city limits, please follow Boulder Office of Emergency Management on Facebook, or @BoulderOEM on Twitter.  The Boulder OEM call center phone number is 303-413-7730.


Boulder County OEM Reports Following Road Closures

Update: The Boulder County Office of Emergency Management has reported road closures at 61st and Nelson Road, eastbound 69th and St. Vrain, southbound 65th and Nelson, northbound Lee Hill Road and Wagonwheel Gap, and Bow Mountain Road and Wagonwheel Gap due to the morning's fires. 


Update on the Rogers Fire as of 10am

As of 10am the wildfire near Rogers Road is contained. For more information please refer to Boulder County OEM on their Twitter account and follow this GIS map from Boulder County OEM about closed road, limited access roads and approximate incident locations.


Update on Power Outages Across Longmont

All traffic signals are now reported to be back on. Please remember, high winds can blow down trees and power lines without warning, so remain alert when outside. If you see a downed power line, stay away from the line and call Longmont Power & Communications at 303-651-8386. 


Updated School Information from St. Vrain Valley

Update:  School bus routes in western Longmont have been disrupted due to the morning's grass fires and power outages, according to the St. Vrain Valley School District.  Schools are monitoring air quality conditions and students will remain inside if necessary. Parents who believe the conditions in their area are not safe for students to attend school may contact their school's attendance office to arrange an excused absence. Students will be allowed to make up missed schoolwork without penalty. 


Update on the Wagon Wheel Road Wildfire

Update:  About 157 homes have been evacuated in response to the second fire, near Wagon Wheel Road , according to the Boulder County OEM. The fire is about 3 to 5 acres in extent. 


Rogers Fire Update as of 9:00am

According to Boulder County OEM, the wildfire is about 12 to 15 acres and is basically contained. Three outbuildings have been reported destroyed. 

Forecasters currently expect the high winds to continue through noon and then to die down in the afternoon. 

As of 9 a.m., power has been restored in several areas. Power is out in the area of Countryside Village, 1400 S. Collyer Street. 


City of Longmont Activates EOC due to Grass Fire West of Longmont

The city has opened up the Emergency Operations Center for city staff to assist with the grass fire that has started West of Longmont. Please follow this website http://longmontOEM.org for more information.



The City of Longmont has activated our Emergency Operations Center as a precaution.

The Longmont OEM page is up.  Please watch for updates at www.longmontoem.org

The City of Longmont has activated our Emergency Operations Center as a precaution.  We have experienced some traffic light outages, but most have been fixed.  As a reminder, if the traffic lights are out, you must treat it like a four way stop.  

I’ve attached two weather updates.  A Flash Flood Warning for Larimer, Weld and Boulder County and a river update.  We are monitoring the St. Vrain River and Left Hand Creek.  Flows are listed below. 

Flash Flood Warning for Larimer, Weld, Boulder Counties, CO

Active for next 24 minutes · 

National Weather Service

This alert has been updated.

Posted 16 minutes ago

The Flash Flood Warning remains in effect until 10:15 pm MDT for Southeastern Larimer, Northeastern Boulder and southwestern Weld counties. At 9:19 pm MDT, the thunderstorm producing very heavy rain was located near Berthoud, or 19 miles south of Fort Collins, and was nearly stationary. Radar has indicated between 4 to 6 inches of rain has fallen halfway between Berthoud and Lyons with lesser amounts in the surrounding area between Riverside, Johnstown, Mead and hygiene. Runoff from the area with the heaviest rainfall will flow into Saint Vrain Creek between Lyons and hygiene and also on the little Thompson River southwest of Berthoud and produce flooding. Stream levels along Little Thompson River and Saint Vrain Creek could rise up very quickly.

Some locations that will experience flooding include: Southern Greeley, Longmont, Southwestern Loveland, Evans. Firestone, Johnstown, Milliken, Berthoud, Mead, Platteville. Lyons and Gilcrest.

The storm remains nearly stationary east of Lyons, north to Berthoud.  Around 2 inches of rain is possible in the warned area in the next couple hours.  This rainfall will exacerbate the flooding.

If you live in these areas follow these recommended actions.

Move to higher ground now. Act quickly to protect your life. This is becoming a very dangerous situation.

Excessive runoff from heavy rainfall will cause flooding of small creeks and streams, highways and underpasses. Additionally. Country Roads and farmlands along the banks of creeks, streams and other low lying areas are subject to flooding.




9:22 P.M. update

EOC open and staffed, our focus currently is on continuing the public information campaign and watching the rainfall over the St. Vrain drainage. 

Flood Warning issued until 9:00 tomorrow morning, 4 to 5 inches of rain has fallen in the Lyons area over the St. Vrain drainage.

No significant impacts to the City yet, the gauge at Lyons has risen 600 cfs in the last two hours.

Our concern at this point is flash flooding on the Lefthand and/or St. Vrain.  PD is monitoring both rivers.


Flood Information, Updates Can Be Found On City's Main Website

We will no longer be posting updates to the LongmontOEM.com which was used heavily during the flood emergency. We are transitioning from emergency response to relief and recovery. Any further communications over the next several months and years related to disaster assistance, infrastructure repairs, housing, and recovery of our community will be found on the city's main website at http://www.ci.longmont.co.us/flood-info/.

Thank you to the Longmont Community for all of your assistance for pulling together and overcoming adversity during the September Flood. The city has received many acknowledgements from the public on a "job well done". They are grateful for the city's planning and emergency response. Here are a couple of examples of the types of comments that we've been receiving.

"Thank you. Thank you all for how you are handling this flood disaster. Especially thank the OEM,public workers, police, firemen, city leaders, volunteers. Everyone, really, thank you. OEM seems to have handled this beyond well given the circumstances; preparedness has paid off. Longmont water, power, and government preparations and wisdom can be seen. I am glad we moved here two years ago, to a community that comes together in disaster instead of falling apart. That has plans and is prepared; that paid extra taxes and got things done ahead of time. A community that strives to support itself and provide for itself and others in their time of need. Thank you for keeping us all safe and working so hard. Thank you." ~ JP of Longmont

"As a resident of Longmont’s Southmoor Park neighborhood, I want to thank the City of Longmont’s Public Works and Natural Resources Department for the leadership and foresight they showed over the past two years in making improvements to the Left Hand Creek channel between 287 and Pike Road for the purpose of flood mitigation. While the damage to the Southmoor Park neighborhood was significant, the destruction of property would certainly have been far worse without these improvements (it removed 185 houses from the flood plain). I completely believe that these improvements saved my home, and my street from sustaining significant damage. Thank you all for your service to our community and for making Longmont such a great place to live! " ~ AM of Longmont

"Thank you very much for keeping our neighborhoods safe and for the quick response to clean them after the flood. It was amazing to see the City and the faith community work together to respond. Great work. " ~ KS of Longmont

 To stay up-to-date with disaster assistance and recovery efforts please visit.

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