The LongmontOEM.org website is the official Emergency Management website for the City of Longmont, Colorado. It is updated on an as needed basis during emergency management situations and events, often when the City's EOC (Emergency Operations Center) has been activated. When this site is not active, please visit the City of Longmont's main website for the latest information at http://longmontcolorado.gov. If you are looking for up to date weather information for our area, please visit the National Weather Service website for Denver/Boulder.

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Remember these three steps to being prepared!

1. Getting information and staying updated in our area is the first step in preparedness. Pay attention to your local news resources, sign up for eNotifications via the City of Longmont website, subscribe to updates from this website (see right sidebar), visit Boulder OEM and via the NOAA Weather Radio for updates.

2. Make sure you can be notified. We suggest that you get a weather radio because it is quick and reliable. Be sure to sign up for emergency telephone alerts at boco911alert.com to receive alerts on your mobile phone(s) and your home phone.

3. Make sure you have basic plans for where to seek shelter, how to evacuate (what to bring and route to take). Decide ahead of time how to reunite with friends and family and what is needed for 24-72 hours of self care.

You can also visit the City of Longmont's social media sites:

City of Boulder and Boulder County Social Media Sites:


  • @BoulderCounty (county)
  • @BoulderColorado (city)
  • @BoulderOEM (Boulder City & County Office of Emergency Management)
  • @BoulderCoHHS (Boulder County Housing & Human Services)


  • /bouldercounty (county)
  • /bouldercolorado.gov (city)
  • /boulderoem (Emergency Management)

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